About us

Zontera is an online technology company, with offices in Bucharest

Our team has been developing technology for online advertising, publishing, ecommerce and business services for more than 10 years. Our specialists are trained periodically, in order to deliver high quality products and gain customer satisfaction after each project end.

Our >solutions are already used on national scale and internationally by large publishers, ad networks and online stores.

Our Certification allows us to deliver professional solutions for a wide range of Microsoft related applications, from custom development to with Business Intelligence and Very Large Databases.

are you a publisher?

Whether you are a publisher of a single website, or you manage a whole network of websites, the Zontera all-in-one adserving solution makes it easy for you to manage all your inventory and all the advertising options you wish to offer.

are you an advertiser or agency?

Do you want to manage all your online advertising in one place, so that you can make true apples-by-apples comparisons? Meet Zontera, the all-in-one solution for your third-party adserving needs.

latest news

X1 In-Video VAST Ad Server support gives publishers the power to deploy Video Ads to and from 3rd party providers through standard OVA video...

Demographic profiles are based on Zontera Smart Engine surfed content analysis. Zontera Smart Engine uses complex...