The Sidekick is build from two flash animations (In-Page Display unit and Sidekick). When the user click on the expand button, the Sidekick loads in the right gutter of the page and pushes the page content horizontally to the left.

More details and examples


The Billboard is build from two flash animations named "Initial Panel" and "Text Button". When the user closes the Initial Panel, the Text Button appears as a smaller animation. The user can click on the Text Button to reopen the Initial Panel.

More details and examples


The Filmstrip is build from a flash animation (In-Page Display unit) that contains many panels. The first panel is loaded on the initial visit of the creative. The user can move to the next panels in the following ways: Direct Interaction (ON Click), Scroll (ON Mouse or Browser Scroll), Sequencing (Repeat Visits), Publishers Algorithm, Ad Location or Custom Engagement.

More details and examples


The Pushdown is built from a flash animation displayed as a 970x90 size creative. When the user clicks on the banner, the banner expands showing a larger flash animation (970x415 size) and pushes the webpage content down.

More details and examples


The Portrait is built from a flash animation displayed as a 300x1050 size banner. On the user click the banner can expands to the left exposing a larger animation.

More details and examples


The Slider is build from two flash animations named "Slider Bar" and "Slider Content". On page load, only the Slider Bar is floating at the bottom of the page. When the user clicks on the Slider Bar buttons, the Slider Content becomes visible pushing the webpage content to the left. The user can close the Slider Content and the Slider Bar becomes visible again.

More details and examples

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