Ad Server for Publishers

Whether you are a publisher of a single website, or you manage a whole network of websites, the Zontera all-in-one adserving solution makes it easy for you to manage all your inventory and all the advertising options you wish to offer.

Display, In-Video, Text, In-Image, Mobile, RSS and Contextual Ad Serving

Complete advertising management software – you can deliver your advertising either based on demographics for a single website, a section or a custom-defined advertising unit, or on a complete contextual targeting, by using standard ad formats or keyword advertising (more about the contextual advertising options in Zontera).

All pricing models included

No matter what pricing models you intend to use, Zontera has them all included. CPM, CPC, CPA, and you can also use more than one in your sales strategy or even in a single campaign.


Large online networks and top media houses already use Zontera as their adserving tool, and you can choose the type of installation that best fits your needs, you can host it yourself, or you can have Zontera host it for you, and just start delivering your advertising, without worrying about loading your servers.


Advances reservation system helps you avoid overbooking in your inventory.

Best-in-class advertising campaigns management reporting

Zontera Ad Server features a large array of targeting, limiting and capping options, all standard campaign alerts and automated reports.

Next-to-zero learning curve

Zontera's completely web-based administration and client console are easy to understand and use, both for your internal sales team and for your clients' representative and agents.

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