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Once you decided you want to maximize your online impact, Zontera installs a suite of software solutions on your facilities with Enterprise License or can offer you the Ad Serving as Hosted Ad Management on our platforms.

From now on, at any minute, you have access to controlling your online performance and fine-tune its parameters the way you want, in order to reach your objectives. Anytime you need, you can refer to our team of specialists who are here for you to make the most out of your online presence.

Serving billions of impressions per month. Try on different advertising scenarios, according to your wishes and ideas, directly from your servers or from our hosted enviroment. With full support, training and implementation.

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are you a publisher?

Whether you are a publisher of a single website, or you manage a whole network of websites, the Zontera all-in-one adserving solution makes it easy for you to manage all your inventory and all the advertising options you wish to offer.

are you an advertiser or agency?

Do you want to manage all your online advertising in one place, so that you can make true apples-by-apples comparisons? Meet Zontera, the all-in-one solution for your third-party adserving needs.

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