Ad Server for Advertisers & Agencies

Do you want to manage all your online advertising in one place, so that you can make true apples-by-apples comparisons? Meet Zontera, the all-in-one solution for your third-party adserving needs.

Our ad formats

Explore all major rich media technologies supported with Zontera Ad Serving Management System. See our Ad Gallery.

Worry-free web-based solution

- you just login to your dedicated account page and start delivering, and Zontera takes care of the rest.


- you can use Zontera on top of all your publisher and network deals, with an easy-to-use integration method that your partners can implement in minutes

Account management

- you can use Zontera's advanced client console to define accounts and orders per account, and you can give your clients or your shareholders dedicated access to their own orders.

Brand advertising or direct-response campaigns

Display and contextual adserving

- in a complete advertising management software - you can deliver your advertising either based on demographics for a single website, a section or a custom-defined advertising unit, or on a complete contextual targeting, by using standard ad formats or keyword advertising (more about the contextual advertising options in Zontera).

All pricing models included

- No matter what pricing models you intend to use, Zontera has them all included. CPM, CPC, CPA, and you can also use more than one in your sales strategy or even in a single campaign.

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