The Filmstrip is build from a flash file (In-Page Display unit) that contains many panels. The first interactive panel of the Filmstrip is loaded on the initial visit. The user can interact or view the panel as any standard 300x600 interactive placement. The user can then move between the panels in the following ways:

  • - Direct Interaction (ON Click) - There are predefined areas at the top and bottom of the panels that allow the user to click to move to the next panel (it is recommended that there be a clear call to action message to the user in these spaces).
  • - Scroll (ON Mouse or Browser Scroll) - As the user scrolls down the web page the Filmstrip will automatically move to the next panel of the creative. To ensure a clean understandable user interaction, the Filmstrip only scrolls one panel per page.
  • - Sequencing (Repeat Visits) - If the user has interacted with the ad and moved to a specific panel (such as panel #2), any return visits to the site would autoscroll the filmstrip to the next sequential frame (panel #3 in this example).
  • - Publishers Algorithm - Publishers sites share a common logic/algorithm that selects the panel that represents the purchase funnel (awareness, interest, desire, intent, and loyalty)depending on the ad location (Homepage content might map with ‘awareness’; Lifestyle content might map with ‘desire’). The common logic would also enable the sequencing of the ad as the user browses through a portal.
  • - Ad Location - The panel that represents the purchase funnel is selected when a string pattern matched in the ad location.
  • - Custom Engagement - Any other custom logic/algorithm or a combination of the above ways can be implemented.

Browse through the examples below to see how it can be used or configured.

Demo banners

Sequencing (Repeat Visits)

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