White House Legal Advisers Weigh Limits of Terror Fight

At issue is how much latitude the United States has to kill militants in Yemen and Somalia, a question that could define the limits of the war against Al Qaeda and its allies. The response from the government was candid.

Five Major Central Banks Act to Supply Cash to Europe

The cash is from the banks. A coordinated effort to provide an infusion of United States dollars to European banks — the first such show of force in a year — lifted global markets.

High & Low Finance

Rules Proliferate Along With Banks

Regulators in the United States, Britain and Switzerland seem to be moving toward tougher rules on banks than much of continental Europe.

When the Uprooted Put Down Roots

When the Uprooted Put Down Roots

Refugee agriculture, an entrepreneurial movement spreading across the United States, provides income for the farmers as well as a taste of home for immigrants.

Central Banks Take Different Tacks on Europe’s Economy

The European Central Bank said it would help banks that are having trouble raising cash, while the Bank of England decided to resume its bond purchases.

Scientists Dispute F.B.I. Closing of Anthrax Case

A paper raises the prospect that the expert identified by the F.B.I. as the perpetrator who sent anthrax through the mail in 2001 conceivably was innocent.

Top Medal for Marine Who Saved Many Lives

An American who placed himself in the thick of the fight.

President Obama paid tribute to Dakota Meyer as a humble young man who placed himself in extraordinary danger to save men he regarded as his brothers.

Lens Blog: A Test, and Gratitude, at the White House
Former Mayor Edward I. Koch, left, with Bob Turner. Mr. Koch, a Democrat, endorsed Mr. Turner, a Republican, in his successful bid for a House of Representatives seat.
Damon Winter/World News

Koch May Test His Voice on National Stage

Former Mayor Edward I. Koch of New York, a Democrat, endorsed Bob Turner, a Republican, in his successful race for the House seat that Anthony D. Weiner had occupied.

Bahrain Boils Under the Lid of Repression
A gathering of Shiite men in Manama, Bahrain, last month.

Bahrain has become the cornerstone of a counterrevolution to stanch change in the Middle East, but many fear the violence will beget more violence.

Photographs: Repressing the Religious Majority

Baseball Playoffs

On Baseball
Pitching-Rich Rays Continue Late Charge

Tampa Bay trails Boston 3 games for the A.L. Wild Card, and would pull even with a sweep in the current series.

New York Fashion Week
X-Ray Vision

Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa explored lingerie as a statement in new ways.

Flying Private Is Only Way For Some Dogs
Flying Private Is Only Way For Some Dogs

Many airlines now forbid bulldogs, pugs and related breeds from their planes, causing inconvenience for their owners. Above, Louie York waits to fly on Pet Airways.

Former Mayor Edward I. Koch, left, with Bob Turner.
Damon Winter/World News

A Sunken Treasure Worth $18 Million

Former Mayor Edward I. Koch of New York, a Democrat, endorsed Bob Turner, a Republican, in his successful race for the House seat that Anthony D. Weiner had occupied.

Netflix Abandons Plan to Rent DVDs on Qwikster

Abandoning a break-up plan it announced last month, Netflix said Monday morning that it had decided to keep its DVD-by-mail and online streaming services together under one name and one Web site. The company admitted that it had moved too fast when it tried to spin-off the old-fashioned DVD service into a new company called Qwikster.

Bipartisanship of the Wrong Kind

Some Democrats are joining Republicans in opposing President Obama’s jobs program. Americans need Democrats to step up now.

Seeing a Thaw, U.S. Aims to Encourage Change in Myanmar

The thaw in relations with the United States follows a transition in Myanmar that has raised the possibility that the new government will ease restrictions on basic freedoms.

In images
Attacked by sharks

“Jaws,” an ode to humans’ fear of the sea, is still a cultural icon. Yet, slowly but surely, cultural attitudes toward sharks are changing, and changing thanks to a genuinely ecological view of their role in the ocean. The truth is that humans are far more dangerous to sharks than they are to us.

Adolescent Outcasts

Like its heroine, a rebellious Oklahoma teenager named Danielle, “Dirty Girl” makes an aggressive show of naughtiness.

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A Surplus of ‘A Few Good Men’

Donald Marcari, left, and Walter C. Bansley III, right, are among four former military lawyers who claim Lt. Daniel Kaffee, the character played by Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men was a at least partly inspired by them.

“A Few Good Men,” the 1992 courtroom drama written by Aaron Sorkin, has fostered a puzzle about who inspired the main character, played by Tom Cruise.

House Hunting in ... Mexico

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